What is Spigen Rewards Program and what are the benefits?

What is Spigen Rewards Program and what are the benefits?

Spigen’s new rewards program offers our customers extra perks and exclusive services when shopping at Spigen.com. In addition, Spigen members earn points that accumulate for redeeming reward coupons. It’s available to everyone who signs up at Spigen.com!

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    • How can I attain different tiers in the Spigen Rewards program?

      Once a member earns 1000 points, they unlock the Elite tier and its associated benefits. Similarly, earning 2000 points will unlock the Executive tier and its associated benefits. A tier is calculated based on total points earned within the last 24 ...
    • Can my purchases from Spigen Amazon, Spigen eBay, or Authorized Sellers qualify towards my Rewards Points?

      As our Spigen Amazon, Spigen eBay, and Authorized Resellers operate independently from our Spigen.com store with their own promotional events, discounts, and policies, purchases from these channels will not be eligible towards our Spigen.com Rewards ...
    • How do I join Spigen’s Reward Program?

      Joining is free and easy! All you need to do is create an account with us at Spigen.com. Then, you will be able to access the Rewards Program by clicking the Spigen Rewards widget located on the bottom left of the website.
    • Do you have a tax exemption program? How can I enroll?

      Good news! We do have a program for our Spigen.com tax exempt customers! In order to enroll in the Tax Exemption Program, please create an account with us and provide our Customer Support Team with the valid tax exemption document(s) along with the ...
    • Is my item a genuine Spigen product?

      We would like to assure you that all items purchased through an Official Spigen Store (Spigen.com, Spigen Amazon, Spigen Ebay) are genuine. However, for third party purchases, we are unable to give you a 100% accurate answer as Spigen products are ...